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We are well known for our bavarian cream cakes. Most people love them because they aren’t overly sweet like most cakes.  Our cakes are a light sponge cake filled with a Bavarian cream made from scratch and iced with real whipped cream.  They are available in vanilla cake with vanilla filling or chocolate cake with chocolate filling.  A layer of fruit preserves can be added.  We offer raspberry, strawberry, or lemon.  Half sheets and full sheets are available in half vanilla, half chocolate for an additional charge of $5.00.  Our sheet cakes can be precut for a $1 additional charge.  We do not precut round cakes.

Our cakes come with flowers and writing at no additional charge. We also offer a few basic decorations, depending on the occasion, at no additional charge. Edible images, hand drawn pictures, and other special decorations are always an additional charge. If you would like a licensed character on your cake, we do carry a wide variety of edible images in popular characters. If we don’t have the one you want, you can always purchase one on the internet and we will be happy to put it on your cake for you. Please understand that we do obey all copyright laws, so we are limited to the edible images we have purchased.  We cannot draw or scan any licensed character for you.

Our bavarian cream cakes do need to be refrigerated. Usually they can sit out at room temperature for 2-3 hours. If you need to travel with it, just ask us to freeze it for you. Our full sheet cakes typically do not fit in standard household refrigerators. We recommend picking it up right before you need it. If that is not possible, you can always order two half sheets.

Size Serves Vanilla Chocolate Fruit
8 inch round 10-12 $31.00 $32.00 $7.00
10 inch round 15-20 $47.00 $48.00 $8.00
12 inch round 25-30 $57.00 $58.00 $9.00
Quarter sheet 15-20 $44.00 $46.00 $8.00
Half sheet 30-40 $73.00 $76.00 $9.00
Full sheet 80-90 $112.00 $118.00 $10.00

Please note that some of the following pictures have additional labor charges. Call us with the red code in the upper corner for a price, or see our book in store.


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