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Wedding cakes are one of our specialties here at The Flour Shop Bakery. Our wedding cakes are made with the highest quality ingredients, and we offer the latest trends in decorating, such as rolled fondant cakes with sugar flowers and hand painting.  If you are interested in a tiered cake, whether it’s for a wedding or another occasion, you need to schedule a consultation.  The consultation is free and there is no obligation. There are so many different options, that this is the best way to get an accurate price quote.  We have two large photo albums of cakes for you to browse, but feel free to bring pictures of other cakes that you would like a quote for.

We offer a wide variety of different cakes, fillings, and icings.  Our basic wedding cake is a light sponge cake with a homemade french buttercream filling that can be layered with fruit fillings.  For rolled fondant wedding cakes, the cake is a little bit denser to support the weight of the fondant, but can also be layered with the same buttercream and fruit. We also do many types of specialty cakes including cheesecakes, decadence torte, carrot cake, german chocolate cake, red velvet cake, bavarian cream cake, and many more.  Our standard wedding cake icing is a light non-dairy whipped cream.  We do offer several other icings at an additional cost, such as rolled fondant, french buttercream, or chocolate ganache. We provide samples of our basic wedding cake and icing at your consultation.  If you need samples of something else, please ask ahead of time.

We price our tiered cakes by the serving.  For the current price, please call us or schedule an appointment with our wedding consultant.   Prices are subject to change until you have made a deposit for your cake. Prices are based on cakes that are ordered and paid in full three weeks or more prior to the event.

There are also other additional costs depending on your needs.  There is a delivery fee depending on the location and day of the week.  There may be a setup fee if we have to arrange extra items such as fresh flowers on the cake. There is also a stand deposit that you will get back when you return the plates and pillars cleaned and in good condition. We have many different types of stands and some of them have rental fees and additional deposits.



Wedding Cupcakes

We can make cupcakes for your wedding but the pricing is a little different than our basic cupcakes because there are a lot more options.  For the current pricing, please call us or schedule an appointment with our wedding consultant.



What Should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring printed copies of any pictures of cakes you are interested in. We do not offer free Wi-Fi and it is hard for us to see pictures on your phone or tablet.

Who should I bring to my appointment?
It’s best to bring as few people as possible, and we recommend you don’t bring children.  Children get bored very quickly because there is nothing for them to do and nowhere to sit.  Usually it’s best for the bride to bring either the groom or a parent.

Can I email you?
Our email address is used only for sending photos of cakes when there is no other option. If you are ordering a cake, we will need a printed copy anyway. We do not do consultations or answer questions via email. Please understand, we are busy making cakes and we do not have a technical department. Excessive emails may incur additional fees.

Do you sell cake toppers?
We no longer sell those here. Most people want tops that are very customized and there are so many options out there, that it is impossible to stock everything. We recommend ordering whatever you want on the internet.

Should I bring my cake topper in?
You can bring it in for us to measure and weigh so we know if it will fit or need support. We do not keep them here or deliver them to the hall. You need to have it at the hall on the cake table when we deliver your cake

Can I get fake layers to lower the cost of my cake and make it look larger?
We do not offer that. There is more labor involved in making a false layer than a real one, so it would not lower the cost. However, we can do sheet cakes in addition to your tiered cake to lower the per serving cost.



Standard Icing Cakes

Rolled Fondant Cakes

Wedding Cupcakes